Mapping Culture: Geographies of Space, Mind, and Power

ISS 662S

History and practice of mapping as cultural practice and technique of world-building and historical and cultural representation. Emphasis on interplay of cartographic imagination, lived experience, historical and narrative power. Readings in mapping history, critical cartography, pyscho-geography, art maps, cognitive mapping, network maps, and spatial theory as well as contemporary approaches and critiques to maps, culture, politics. Exploration of map-based visualizations as narrative/argumentative devices. Hands-on work with geographical information systems, digital mapping tools, data viz, and digital storytelling systems. Theory/practice seminar culminating in a final research project.
Curriculum Codes
  • STS
  • ALP
  • CZ
Cross-Listed As
  • CMAC 662S
  • VMS 662S
Typically Offered