About Us

Our mission is to study and create new information technologies and to analyze their impact on art, culture, science, commerce, society, policy, and the environment.

 ISS helps students fill the gap between current academic training and the increasing demand in all professions for a broad understanding of the legal, social, philosophical, computational, and aesthetic issues concerning information technology and other related innovations. This interdisciplinary program is especially relevant to students interested in digital and public humanities, library and information studies, computational media arts, and critical approaches to digital culture and computation. 

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Undergraduate Program

We offer an innovative curricular model which focuses on extremely collaborative, interdisciplinary, student-driven courses. ISS courses let students fully engage with the creation and study of information technologies at macro and micro levels and within many different thematic areas. Our students not only acquire fluency and familiarity with current information technologies, they also develop a deep understanding of the meaning and utility of such technologies within the contemporary technological landscape.

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Graduate Program

ISS – part of the larger Visual Studies Initiative community – is a place to learn new, digital methods for teaching, research, and presentation, as well as to analyze and critique their effects in social, cultural, economic, and affective terms. Our graduate students are encouraged to develop independent study projects focused around learning new technologies, applying digital methods, or digging into ISS-related research topics. We help connect them to various interdisciplinary research opportunities throughout the university.

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