Undergraduate Electives


Any course listed on the ISS Course page as either an ISS course or a Soft-Cross List (with the exception of the specific courses required for the Certificate) is eligible for ISS Elective status. The program has identified the following additional courses as potential ISS Elective courses as well, based on their catalogue descriptions. Please contact ISS for confirmation that a course counts towards the Certificate requirements. 

Note: Course offerings are constantly updated, and courses that are not listed here may also be eligible for ISS elective credit. If you have questions about a particular course, please contact the ISS Program office. In some cases, you may be asked to provide additional information about a course to explain its ISS Certificate relevance.

Social/Cultural Analysis (students doing the Certificate 2.0 option must elect a course from this category)
  • AAAS  247S - Social Movements and Social Media 
  • ISIS 101L: Technical and Social Analysis of Information and the Internet
  • ISIS 225S/VMS 303S: This Is Your Brain on the Internet
  • ISIS 235/CULANTH 226/VMS 245: Espionage, Cryptology & Psychological Operations
  • ISIS 268/VMS 266 : Media History: Old and New
  • ISIS 310: Information and Philosophy: Personal Identity, Knowledge, Ethics
  • ISIS 380S: Digital Cities and the Cartographic Imagination
  • ISIS 340S/VMS 286S/WOMENST 210S: Gender and Digital Culture
  • ISIS 390S:  Social Networks – Virus to the Internet
  • ISIS 510S/VMS 566S: How They Got Game; History and Culture of Interactive Simulations and Video Games
  • ISIS 560S/VMS 550S; Digital Humanities: Theory and Practice
  • ISIS 565S - New Media, Memory, and the Visual Archive
  • ISIS 630S : Phenomenology and Media
  • ISIS 640: The History and Future of Higher Education
  • ISIS 650S - Critical Studies in New Media
  • ISIS 660S/VMS 568: Digital Places and Spaces: Mirror, Hybrid, and Virtual Worlds
  • ISIS 662S/VMS 662S: Mapping Culture: Geographies of Space, Mind, and Power
  • LIT 614S - Thinking Digital Cinema
  • ISIS 680S/ARTHIST 542S/VMS 569S: Information Archeology: Studies in the Nature of Information and Artifact in the Digital Environment
  • ISIS 565S/VMS 565: New Media, Memory, and the Visual Archive
  • LIT 317/ISIS 214/VMS 328A: Media Theory
  • LIT 615S/ISIS 615S/VMS 667S: Comparative Media Studies
  • LIT 624S/ISIS 624S: Post-Digital Architecture
  • ISIS 310/PHIL 310: Information and Philosophy: Personal Identity, Knowledge, Ethics
  • VMS 239S/ISIS 273S: Gaming the System: Pervasive Gaming as Art
  • ISIS 632S/ LIT 632S/ISIS/ARTHIST 632S/VMS 632S: Whitehead, Bergson, James
  • LIT 630S: Phenomenology and Media
  • PUBPOL 377: Information, Ethics and Policy
  • VMS 412S: Cultures of New Media
Advanced Methods/Applied Techniques
  • ISIS 170S: Complex Systems and Evolving Multiagent Simulations\
  • ISIS 243S/AMI 350S/DOCST 277S/MUSIC 121S: Sound for Film and Video
  • VMS 397L/ISIS 284L: Interactive Graphics: Critical Code
  • VMS 564S/ISIS 564S: Emergent Embodied Interface Design
  • ISIS 248S/AMI 357S/DOCST 288S: Editing for Film and Video
  • ISIS 270S/COMPSCI 102S/VMS 287S: Constructing Immersive Virtual Worlds
  • ISIS 351S/VMS 357S/LIT 224S: Digital Storytelling
  • ISIS 355S/VMS 355S: Foundations of Interactive Game Design
  • ISIS 365/VMS 366: Media Remix: Sampling Theory
  • ISIS 376/DANCE 308/: Performance and Technology: Composition Workshop
  • ISIS 475S: Alternate Reality Games
  • ISIS 208LS/VMS 395LS/AMI 321LS/ARTSVIS 208LS: Virtual Form and Space
  • ISIS  320S: Introduction to Interaction Design and Virtual Environments
  • VMS  551LS: Wired! New Representational Technologies
  • ISIS 540S/ARTHIST 536S/VMS 562S: Technology and New Media: Academic Practice
  • ISIS 560S/VMS 550S; Digital Humanities: Theory and Practice
  • ISIS 575S/VMS 575S: Generative Media Authorship – Music, Text & Image
  • ARTSVIS 258S: Electronic Music and Video Workshop
  • ARTSVIS 460S: Multimedia Documentary
Topical Courses: (on approval)
  • ISIS 356S/VMS 358S/ EDUC 356S: Digital Durham
  • ISIS 279/ VMS 346S: Visual Cultures of Medicine
  • ISIS 283/AMI 207/VMS 345/: Cultural History of the Televisual
  • ISIS 211: Animated Film: A History and Aesthetic
  • ISIS 380S/VMS 380S; Digital Cities: Representing the Past and Building the Future
  • ISIS 535/AMES 535: Chinese Media and Pop Culture
  • ISIS 211/AMI 215/ARTVIS 328: Animated Film: A History and Aesthetic
  • ISIS 215/ ROMST 345: Representing Haiti
  • ISIS 673S/PSY 673S/COMPSCI 673S/PHARM 673S: Computer Models and the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
  • ISIS 670/LIT 623/PHIL 570: Body Works: Medicine, Technology, and the Body in Early Twenty-First Century