Graduate Certificate in Information Science + Studies

The purpose of the ISS Graduate Certificate is to offer an interdisciplinary program at the graduate level that focuses on the study and creation of new information technologies and the analysis of their impact on art, culture, science, medicine, commerce, society, policy, and the environment. The program is designed for masters's and doctoral students wishing to complement their primary disciplinary focus with an interdisciplinary certificate in Information Science + Studies.

Students interested in Digital Humanities, Historical and Cultural Visualization, Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy, Digital Media Authorship, and the Bass Connections: Information, Society & Culture theme may find ISS of particular interest. We welcome students from all disciplines at the University, and encourage ISS graduate students to seek TA and research opportunities in ISS as well.

The Graduate Certificate is not intended to provide a disciplinary canon in information science and studies but rather to develop a structured set of transdisciplinary skills and resources for exploring new areas of academic research and teaching. It combines required "skills" and "theory" elements and relevant electives, as well as explicit expectations for engagement with the broader ISS community. 

Graduate Certificate Requirements:

1. Demonstration of Technology-Based Skills
  • ISS 240: Foundations of Web-Based Multimedia Communication (undergraduate course taken w/ permission) OR
  • ISS 551LS/VMS 551LS: Wired! New Representative Technology OR
  • MFAEDA 713: Computational Media OR
  • HCVIS 580/581: Historical and Cultural Visualization Proseminar 1 or 2 OR
  • Practice-based Graduate-level Independent Study in ISS OR
  • Students with sufficient prior technology-authoring experience may also petition the ISS Director of Graduate Studies to substitute another graduate-level elective.  The substituted course may not overlap with other Graduate Certificate course requirements 
2. New Media
  • ISS 650S: Critical Studies in New Media. OR LIT/VMS: Comparative Media Studies OR another new media theory seminar, on approval.
3. Three Elective Courses  
  • Electives must be from at least two different departments. Courses typically originate in ISS, Literature, Visual and Media Studies and English, but can come from anywhere. Many but not all are cross-listed in ISS.  If you are interested in a course that you think should qualify, contact the ISS office and we'll review it as a possible elective.
4. ISS Community Involvement
  • One formal presentation to the ISS Technology and New Media Speaker Series, or another approved Venue. Presentations will be coordinated through the ISS Director of Graduate Studies and will be documented via an online website and presentation archive. This could be at the culmination of the student's work, or at any time during their progress.
  • Participation in at least 4 ISS Tech and New Media Speaker Series conversations, or related events. These events are typically lunchtime events in Smith Warehouse, but can also include Visualization Friday, Media Arts + Sciences Rendez-Vous,  or other one-time events.

ISS Graduate Certificate Admission:

For more information, please contact the ISS Program. The Graduate Certificate Executive Committee consists of the ISS Faculty Directors:

Richard Lucic, Associate Professor of the Practice, Computer Science and ISS Undergraduate Curriculum Director
Victoria Szabo, Associate Research Professor, Art, Art History & Visual Studies and ISS Program Director

This committee oversees admissions as well as certify satisfactory completion of the program.

The ISS Graduate Director will advise all certificate students and assign an ISS faculty member to mentor each student. To enroll in the ISS Graduate Certificate Program, students should complete and submit the Graduate School Certificate Program Application Form to the ISS Program Office and consult with an ISS Faculty director to plan their programs.