Independent Study


ISS students are encouraged to pursue independent study projects that build upon their coursework or extend it in new directions. The program faculty also sometimes offer individual and/or group independent study opportunities tied to particular research projects. Advanced undergraduates sometimes take independent study courses instead of, or to complement, regular 100 level coursework.

For example, the Multimedia Mapping: Muhuru Bay, Kenya project spawned both a group independent study focused on media development, and an individual project focused on mapping in K-12 education.

Another student followed up a course on Media Remix with an independent study that involved both critical and create dimensions as he created his own mashup and critiqued the intellectual property context that could render such work unlawful. Other students are working on a project on social media as part of a tutorial with Cathy Davidson.

Interested in an ISS Independent Study Project? Contact Curriculum Director Richard Lucic, ISS Program Director Victoria Szabo, or the faculty member with whom you hope to do the project. Also watch for notices about ISS opportunities each semester at the start of classes.