Independent Study Options

Students interested in completing an Independent Study within ISS must download and complete the application (below) with their supervising faculty member and obtain all required signatures before submitting to the program's DUSA. In many cases, it will make more sense for a student to the independent study in the faculty member's home department or program, but ISS will sometimes offer independent studies in association with particular projects and in connection with the Certificate programs.

The deadline for submission of an IDST application corresponds with the end of the registration window the semester prior to the independent study. Only in rare cases will a request for an IDST be accepted during the first week of drop/add of a given semester.

Students can request a Writing (W) designation for Research Independent Study when applying for an IDST. To do so the student must complete the W code request form (below) in consultation with their supervising faculty member and include it with their IDST application.

See the Trinity College policy on Independent Study for more information.

Download Request for Writing Code for Research Independent Study Course (pdf - 78.58 KB)

ISS Undergraduate Independent Study Form (PDF)