VMS 390-03 / ISS 390-03 “Experiments in Science, Art and Writing” Dr. Kristen Tapson MW 10:15am - 11:30am A290 Smith Warehouse, Bay 9 W / STS / ALP Description: When used to describe works of art, “experimental” is a complicated term with a range of possible meanings: an association with a particular avant-garde movement, a commitment to procedural composition, an idiosyncratic test, a beholder’s admiration or skepticism, or, more rarely, a relationship to scientific knowledge making. Regardless of its definition (or… read more about Spring 2022 Course: Experiments in Science, Art, Writing »

The Googlization Of Knowledge (ISS 112) has made the news!  Visit the Duke Chronicle to learn more about this course as well as eight other exciting courses offered throughout Duke. ISS 112 examines information from different angles within the context of social justice, open access to information, and how the Internet and Google affect our lives.  Ethical dilemmas related to social media and data privacy will also be integrated into the course, as well as exploring interesting aspects of the web such as memes and… read more about The Googlization Of Knowledge in Duke Chronicle »

Information Science + Studies is joining Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, English, and Computer Science in a Fall 2021 Focus Cluster. Overview  Virtual reality, fictional worlds, and games are all over the so-called real world: from education, business, and popular entertainment to how we conduct politics, meet other people, and define ourselves and our communities. Although new technologies make videogames and extended reality prominent in the contemporary moment, fictional scenarios, virtual worlds and gamified… read more about Virtual Realities, Fictional Worlds and Games Focus Cluster »

We are pleased to announce that the Trinity Arts and Sciences Council approved the creation of a formalized Interdepartmental Major between Computer Science and Visual and Media Studies, as well as a Minor in Computational Media. Many of the courses and related opportunities in ISS will count towards requirements in these new curricular programs. Details coming soon on implementation and when we we will go "live." Looking forward to working closely with our colleagues in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures, and… read more about New Major and Minor Approved! »

The STEAM Forum took place today at the Ruby. Representatives of various departments and programs shared their STEAM experiences. ISS offers a number of courses that fit under the rubic of STEAM. Find out more about what we have to offer HERE. read more about STEAM Forum »

Information Science + Studies is sponsoring a number of exciting courses this Fall, with additional cross-lists and activities coming out of a variety of departments and programs. These include: First Year Seminar: ISS 89S/ENGLISH 89S/POLSCI: One Person, One Vote (Giugni; EI/W/CZ) Certificate Gateway: ISS 110/PHIL 110/COMPSCI 110/PUBPOL 110: Information, Society & Culture (Herron; STS/CZ) Certificate Information Theory/Methods: ISS… read more about Fall 2018 Courses »

In Spring 2018 the ISS program will be offering the following courses: ISS 89S: Dangerous Beliefs (Giugni; First-Year Seminar; M 8:30-11:00AM) ISS 255: Humanities Text Mining + Meaning (Herron; Lecture, TTH 1:25-2:40PM) ISS 356S/ISS 758S (grad); Digital Durham (Abel and Szabo: Seminar, WF 10:05-11:20AM) ISS 390T: Pre-Modern Memes (Guigi; Tutorial, TTH 4:45-5:55PM) ISS 495S: Research Capstone (Szabo; Capstone Seminar, W 6:15-8:45PM) ISS 550S: Digital Publishing (Janiak and Milewicz; Seminar, TTH… read more about Spring 2018 Courses »

NEH funds Institute for Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities at Duke FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 7, 2017 - PDF here Media Contact: Victoria Szabo,, Project Website: Durham, North Carolina -- Duke University has received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for our Summer 2018 Institute for Advanced Topics in Digital… read more about NEH Grant: VR/AR for Digital Humanities »

This Fall we have some exciting courses coming up in Information Science + Studies and related topics from cross-lists. Check out the possibilities!  ISS 89S-1/ENGLISH 89S-03/POLSCI 89S-01: Special Topics in ISS: One Person, One Vote  Mon 8:30AM-11AM, Smith Bay 9, A290 ​Astrid Giugni ​EI,W,CZ ​What does it mean for a government to justly represent its people? What do we mean by “one person, one vote”? In the 2016 Evenwel v. Abbott case, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the long-… read more about Fall Courses in ISS! »

Attention all Mappers! Join us for two special events on Thursday, March 30, 2017 and Friday, March 31, 2017 to explore concepts in humanities mapping and work with geographical information systems! On Thursday join CLIR Postdoc and Wired! Lab for Digital Art History & Visual Culture member Edward Triplett and Digital Humanities Consultant Brian Norberg as they discuss existing HGIS projects in a conversation called "Dissecting Humanities GIS Projects: Cross-Sections, Guts, and A Good Story" beginning at 4:30PM in Smith… read more about Humanities GIS/Digital Mapping Events Coming Up »

CMAC Rendezvous with Jim Davies, Carleton University (CN), “A Vision for the Science of Imagination” Thursday March 23, 4:30 PM Smith Warehouse Collision Space Bay 10, 2nd floor, Room A266 Drinks and snacks served @ 4:30 PM Imagination is a crucial process for hypothetical thinking, planning, dreaming, counterfactual thinking, and creativity. In this talk Davies will present how imagination can be studied scientifically, and the various endeavors he is currently pursuing in the Science of Imagination Laboratory in the… read more about CMAC Rendezvous with Jim Davies »

Data Visualization Workshop: from database to interface   CMAC will be holding a free data visualization workshop open to Duke University students, faculty, and staff. Throughout this workshop, we will develop a full fledged web application, designing it from the database up to the user interface. Data visualizations typically work with static, predefined data sets. The goal of this workshop is to enhanced our data visualizations techniques by developing a flexible, scalable web application that can take in data… read more about Data Visualization Workshop »

March 3, 2017 Visualizing Library Survey Data Joyce Chapman · Duke Libraries In 2016, Duke University Libraries conducted large-scale student survey. In prior years, the libraries had significant trouble analyzing and visualizing large quantities of survey data, and had trouble making data accessible to staff for decision-making. This year, the libraries used Tableau to create dashboards that would facilitate library staff’s ability to engage with the data and easily identify trends for different topics and… read more about Duke Visualization Friday Forum »

Duke CMAC Rendezvous with Tessa Joseph-Nicholas, UNC-Chapel Hill: “Fractured Practices: Interdisciplinarity, the Digital Humanities, and the Unquiet Mind” Thursday March 2, 4:30 PM Smith Warehouse Collision Space  Bay 10, 2nd floor, Room A266  map: Drinks and snacks served @ 4:30 PM The aim of Tessa Joseph-Nicholas' recent collaboration, "Coding Diversity, Diversities of Code", was ostensibly to develop a low-threshold online interface that would allow data-… read more about Duke CMAC Rendezvous with Tessa Joseph-Nicholas »

On September 1 the Rubenstein Library will officially open an exhibit drawing on their collection of Music resources. Join us at 3-5pm at Rubenstein's Library for the open house for the whole exhibit: "The Common Ground We Meet Upon: Exhibit Open House." The ISS co-sponsored NC Jukebox project will display research resources associated with Frank Clyde Brown, the Duke English professor turned songcatcher who recorded many Western North Carolina singers in the 1920s to 1940s, using wax cylinders and… read more about ISS Project Featured at Rubenstein Library »

Join the Information Science + Studies Program and the Bass Connections Information, Society and Culture theme leaders for an Open House event on Wednesday, October 31, from 330-5pm in Gross Hall 330. For more info see the Event Announcement.  read more about Fall Open House »

The 8 finalist teams for the Duke STEAM Challenge 2016 will be presenting their final projects at the Nasher Museum on Saturday, April 23, from 10:00-12:30pm. Awards will be announced shortly after the presentations. We are very excited about the range of finalists being represented here. For more information on the Challenge, see read more about STEAM Challenge Awards at the Nasher on Saturday, 4/23 at 10am »

ISS Fall 2016 Courses are now available for bookbagging! Check out some of our Fall offerings here: Current and Potential Undergraduate Certificate Students ISIS 110: Information, Society, and Culture Gateway (Herron). This course fulfills the Gateway requirement for both the regular ISS Certificate and the Certificate 2.0/Bass Connections option. ISIS 240: Foundations of Web-Based Multimedia Communications (Salvatella de Prada). This QS course fulfills the ISS Practice requirement.… read more about Fall 2016 Course Registration »

The Duke STEAM Challenge for 2016 recently completed its initial proposal phases. Team projects chosen to move to the next round will be announced the week of February 22, 2016. The review team is looking forward to working with our finalists during the next stages of their project development! read more about Duke STEAM Challenge »