Fall 2016 Course Registration

ISS Fall 2016 Courses are now available for bookbagging! Check out some of our Fall offerings here:

Current and Potential Undergraduate Certificate Students

  • ISIS 110: Information, Society, and Culture Gateway (Herron). This course fulfills the Gateway requirement for both the regular ISS Certificate and the Certificate 2.0/Bass Connections option.
  • ISIS 240: Foundations of Web-Based Multimedia Communications (Salvatella de Prada). This QS course fulfills the ISS Practice requirement. It also fulfills the Practice requirement in the Visual and Media Studies Major in Art, Art History & Visual Studies.

Electives and Special Topics

  • ISS 250-01: Building Global Audiences (Dinin)
  • ISS 290-01: Working Together (Parish)
  • ISS 305L: Virtual Museums (Forte)
  • ISS 315: Historical GIS: Art History and Humanities (Shea)
  • ISS 3320S: Intro to Interaction Design with Unity 3D (Zielinski)
  • additional electives via AMI, DOCST and more!
  • ISIS 323S: Social Movements/Social Media (Mottahedeh)
  • ISIS 354S: Web Design and Narrative (Sims)
  • ISIS 390S: Self as Data (Hansen)

Indy Study and Co-Curricular/Internship Opportunities - get Certificate credit for participating!

ISS Abroad

Current and Potential Graduate Certificate Students

  • ISS 544L: Digital Archeology (Forte)
  • ISS 580S: Historical and Cultural Visualization/Computational Media Studio (combined class; Olson)
  • ISS 590S: Media: Data and Experience (Hansen)